Many small business owners don't get started with video marketing because they are not able to afford the cost associated with it - both in terms of money and time.

The financial investment

At Creative Flare NQ, our vision is to be a video production company that partners with small business owners to help them grow their businesses. We've done this by putting together packages that can see you get started with ongoing video marketing for less than the price of five cups of coffee ($20) a day. And we all know how much coffee us small business owners drink ;)

And for those who are not fully convinced that video will work for you and would like to dip your toe in the shallow end, you can start with a single video, for which the average investment is $700

The time investment

But let's face it, most small business owners are even more strapped for time than they are for money. And on this front we've also found a solution. Our system allows you to consistently put out video content with about 5 minutes invested per day

But it's ROI that matters

Regardless of how big or smal the investment is, it's the return on investment that ultimately determines the value of a marketing tool. In that respect, we are happy to report that our clients are getting fantastic engagement on their videos, but more than that, they are getting bookings and sales from our videos (head to the testimonials page to see some of their successes)

So give us a call to get started with affordable video marketing today!

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