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Reasons to be cheerful - why we do what we do

  • I have been involved in a development role with a wide range of businesses over many years
  • I have enjoyed discovering the requirements of different industries and shaping my business to meet these needs
  • I believe that laughter and success should walk hand in hand
  • I plan to complete my bucket list before it becomes one
  • I leverage success by building and empowering incredible teams
  • 'train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to'. Richard Branson
  • I am aware my potential clients constantly listen to radio station WII FM
  • It helps to be aware of things like Tony Robbins '6 core human needs'
  • I never tire of hearing that our clients are consistently amazed by the outstanding response to their videos

The Editor

Our editor is usually forgotten about. He's that mysterious man that works behind the scenes, taking all the footage we shoot and turns it into your highly polished marketing video.

Favourite Movie:  The Intouchables (2011)

Favourite Quote:  "A film is made in the editing room"  Philip S Hoffman


Isabelle is a phootgrapher, graphic designer, editor and junior videographer. She enjoys connecting with people,capturing behind the scene footage and designing our media and communications content.

Favourite Movie: Avatar by James Cameron

Favourite Quote: "Creativity is intelligence having Fun" Albert Einstein 

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