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Video production, commercial videography & storytelling professionals

At Creative Flare NQ, we help organisations grow so you can fulfill your mission!

We do this by helping you cut through the marketing noise with the power of video storytelling

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Our services – Video storytelling & commercial videography creation

At Creative Flare NQ, we are a group of filmmakers who are passionate about helping you consistently produce high quality video content at an affordable price. Our key service is visual storytelling through videography. We have been helping small businesses in North Queensland uncover their stories and turn them into a captivating series of videos. Do you want to get started telling your story but don't know where to begin? Simply tell us your story and we'll do the rest. We take care of the storyboarding, shooting, and editing, and provide you with a polished video that's ready for you to upload to your website and social media pages.

 We cover a broad range of videos, but our most effective ones are:

  • Testimonials
  • Work Culture
  • Educational
  • Corporate
  • Demonstration
  • Events

  • Tutorials
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Thank you

Are you ready to talk with us about your next video production & storytelling project? Or got a question or need a professional advice. Contact Creative Flare NQ today.

Our Story – Creative Video Agency

We started off in the creative industry by capturing stories through photos, videos, drone footage and virtual tours for very specific industries only. Discovering that there were many different industries who had incredible stories to tell and be captured, Creative Flare NQ was born. Seeing a high demand for professional videography, we took the visual storytelling component from that previous business and created something very special, that hadn’t quite reached North Queensland at that stage. Since 2019, Creative Flare NQ have been helping small businesses capture their passion and moments in time to create connections with their target audience.

Why is Commercial Videography important for all businesses?

Visual storytelling is an integral component for establishing recognition and building credibility. It is the most engaging content a brand can leverage to connect with its audience. A well-crafted video conveys the brand message whilst gripping their attention with the story. Every business looking to reach new markets can benefit from commercial videography. Whether your business is just starting out or has been around for generations, your company has a story to tell. Our video production and storytelling services help you do just that, allowing your brand to break through and be heard above the noise of web marketing.

We truly believe that if you’re spending money on advertising and it’s not video, you’re wasting your time in this digital age. 72% of people prefer watching video over reading text when learning about a new product or service; and one in four consumers lose interest in a company that doesn’t have video. With these figures favouring video content continuing to soar year-after-year, there’s no denying that video is the king of marketing and should be considered in your digital strategy.

 Are you ready for our corporate video makers to bring your story to life? Get in Touch with our creative video agency.

Who can we help? – Professional video production company

At Creative Flare NQ, we are visual storytellers who capture the moments in time to unleash the passion you have for your business. We offer a completely unique level of storytelling as we help people develop their story and transform it into high quality and engaging series of videos. The spectacular part about visual storytelling is that you will always have those videos that portray the exact passion you have for your business, from the day it was filmed and for years and years to come.

We believe that all businesses have a story to tell, which is why help many different industries through professional video production. From IT companies, real estate, education, veterinary clinics, health care, retail, tourism and hospitality, hair salons and many other professional services. Visual storytelling goes beyond just promoting your business, it helps with finding staff, enhancing brand reputation and shows people who you really are as a business.

Are you ready to tell your story? We’d love to help! At Creative Flare NQ, we have the video production and storytelling expertise to help clients all over North Queensland bring their stories to life. Contact us today.

Helping Small Businesses
tell their story through video

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so what better way to tell your story as succinctly as possible than moving pictures? Add to that a musical score to help drive emotions and you have a powerful way of sharing your story with your potential customers. Learn more about our visual storytelling.


Our Video Production Process


It is a known fact that our brains are wired to process and retain visual information. We may only remember 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear, however, we remember 80% of what we see. That makes video an excellent medium to get your story and message across in a way that impacts viewers and helps build your brand. As visual storytellers, we will guide you through the process of creating a compelling series of videos that communicates your story and connects with your audience. Our process includes:


It takes a lot of work to go from the page to the screen, so we begin to plan, plot, and place. Once we have your story, we then work out the logistics, including

  • Who will be in the video?
  • Who is speaking?
  • What location would you like to use?
  • Where will the videos be used? E.g., website, socials, etc.

Once we have a good understanding of your needs – we’ll do the rest!


This is when the plan is put in motion and where all the fun and magic happen. Our expert video makers hit the scene with lights, cameras, and ready for action! We will capture your story, surroundings, and any other elements to make your video amazing.


Here is where everything comes together to form the story that we set out to tell. Our editors consider, cut, and connect the pieces from production to create something compelling and unique to your business.


At the end of the process, the final polish is put on your project: sound, captions, and any other necessary processes to make your video stand out.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so what better way to tell your story as succinctly as possible than moving pictures? Add to that a musical score to help drive emotions and you have a powerful way of sharing your story with your potential customers. Learn more about video storytelling.

Why choose Creative Flare as your creative video agency?

Creativity is the essential ingredient of our company. We have an ambitious team of expert video makers who are eager to help you tell your story. When you choose Creative Flare NQ, our work speaks for itself, and our passion shows through the high level of storytelling that goes into every video we produce. We love the craft of storytelling and uncovering the unique story each business has.

If you are ready to tell your brand story, our video production team is here to help you capture it. Contact us today.

Video that will get you noticed – corporate video makers

Do you need help bringing your story to life? Let our video makers help you develop and capture your unique and engaging story. Get in contact today.



Aaron Moon and Katrina Mersky, Century 21 Aaron Moon Realty

Aaron Moon and Katrina Mersky

Century 21 Aaron Moon Realty
Creating a video was a new experience for us and as first timers we had no idea what to expect from the process.

Tracey Osmond

The Voice Singing School
Social media platforms are getting increasingly more congested with businesses trying to catch the eye of the public.
Janis, The Styling Stable


The Styling Stable
We're celebrating 20 years in business this year. I wanted to do something special, but I didn't think that my story was all that special.