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Video Storytelling

The Importance of Storytelling Videos and creative production in Business

by Mark Pearson, Creative Flare NQ

Which creative production storytelling videos stand out?

We have all seen lots of storytelling videos, but which ones have made an impact on you? And why was this? Was it the use of fantastic new-fangled technology? Was it the way the subject delivered their information?

The most successful creative production videos are the ones that engage you with their story. Particularly when it comes to social media, social media video production is a very powerful tool.

The power of creative production storytelling videos

So why do you need storytelling videos and what does storytelling have to do with your business? Everything! A properly conveyed story will allow you to make your products or services appeal to your audience.

Once you learn to tell a good story, your audience will always want more, which will turn your viewers into leads, your leads into customers, and your customers into loyal customers. Set the scene and give the vital information that will provide context for your reader. Use curiosity to leave the reader wanting more. If there is nothing to be curious about then why would the reader keep reading?

Connect emotionally with storytelling videos

As human beings we relate to failures because we are all flawed. People don't connect with your successes, they connect with your messes, your message is in your mess. Whether you feel sad, happy, scared, or content, feeling something makes us feel more alive, which is why it is critical to make your audience feel. Storytelling videos are a great way to connect emotionally.

We make a great team, we know video and you know your customers better than anyone.
Sound like fun? We agree, let's get your creative production storytelling videos or social media video production, carrying your unique message, started today!