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9 Tips to Great DIY Video Marketing

A few handy tips to get you started

Posted: 16 September 2023

So you've started a small business and want to get started with video marketing, but you find that you don't have the budget to get it done professionally yet. Video doesn't have to be a 'break the bank' enterprise and you can actually get started making your own videos with your smartphone. However, here are some handy tips to bear in mind to ensure you get the most successful start possible

1) Tell a good story
Everyone loves a good story. They are memorable and repeatable. So if you can wrap your message up in an entertaining story, it will better be able to cut through all the digital noise

2) Keep it short and to the point
Most people have attention spans of roughly a minute, so if your video goes much longer than that, you will lose a lot of your audience. Try to focus on a single point for each video and deliver it as succinctly as possible

3) Get good, clear audio
Place the mic as close to your mouth as possible. This can be achieved with an external mic (these are inexpensive ones on Amazon). Also, try and film somewhere where there is as little background noise as possible

4) Light yourself properly
Be sure to have the dominant light source in front of you so that your face is not is shadows. This can either be achieved by sitting with your face towards a window (natural light) or with artificial lighting (these are inexpensive led lights on Amazon).

5) Watch your background
Try and have your business logo behind your or an unobtrusive background. Avoid having so much activity going on in the background that it distracts from your message. And definitely make sure you don’t have things growing out of your head

6) Vary focal lengths
Having a variety of focal lenghts in your video (mixing up wide shots with tighter shots) helps keep things interesting and people watching

7) Review before you post
Even the highest paid movie stars need a few takes to nail a scene. So be sure to review your video to see if there is anything that needs to be changed (i.e. reshot) before posting it online

8) Post consistently
Whether it be daily, weekly or monthly, have a consistent posting schedule that keeps people coming back to your pages. This ensures that your engagement will steadily grow over time

9) Get feedback from your audience
The more you give people what want, they more they will engage with your brand. Be sure to chat with your audience about what they think about your current content and what content they would like to see you producing

So there you have it, hopefully these allows you to get started with video marketing. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line and we'll see where we can help