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Unleash the power of your testimonials

Happy clients are the best source of new business

Posted: 06 July 2023

Now let me tell you a story...this statement will get a much more positive response than I want to sell you something... tell don’t sell.

Every time new prospects visit your website or social pages, they are looking to validate the merit of your products and services. Once they are convinced about the features and pricing, they are keen to get an unbiased opinion about your offerings.

You can get your happy clients to be a part of a testimonial video that includes:

1. Details about the problems that they were facing prior to using your products.

2. Key product features that helped solve their problems.

Testimonial videos can work wonders to trigger the buying decision among your potential customers.

A video testimonial is more effective than a written testimonial as people can see from someone’s body language, facial reactions and hear their voice or how a purchase has impacted their business.

A great title for a video testimonial could be ‘why Mandy loves us...’ as a way to focus on a customers story and personality.

Customer testimonials are one of the top three most effective types of video content.

We aim to capture the passion each of you have for your business and then tell your story of how and why you are, where you are - then present this in a way that connects with your existing and potential clients, in such a way that they realise that you are the only way to access your product or service.

Remember to end with a call to action - book today or call for a free offer.