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How to Shine a Spotlight on Your Business Potential

Using Video to Highlight Key Areas in your Business

Posted: 25 July 2023

Which area should you highlight in your business?

By using content that helps potential clients understand your competitive difference. If you have a product, give people a sense of how it feels, what it’s made of and what it’s like. Don’t tell me the best way to use my product, show me.

Create interest and authenticity by interviewing clients sharing their experiences using your service. Make it personal by introducing your staff, or what happens in your business. Build your reputation by providing commentary on industry news and offer detailed information about your industry.

Creating a video should feel like opening the door to fulfilling the potential of your business. It is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the world that your business is moving in. Share the story that appeals to your client’s needs and desires. Stand out and be funny. Your audience wants to be pulled out of their realities and, done well, a brand can reap the rewards from using humour in their video content. It’s the funny and entertaining videos that engage people and get shared.

Video recruits our most efficient sense, heightens our concentration and captures our imagination.

“Businesses aren’t B2B or B2C, they’re Human to Human H2H” - Dominic Cummins

“Your brand should feel like a personality. If your brand was a person, people should want to be friends with them.” - Jay Shetty