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Video pain . . . it hurts

Video is all about emotion

Posted: 23 October 2023

Video is all about emotion, it’s what sets video apart. It’s ability to express, communicate and explore emotion in the quickest way possible and when it comes to selling through video, pain is one emotion that really works.

Showing an understanding of your customer’s pain points is a great way to illustrate your understanding of the customer themselves. Makes your sales process more relevant and your video more engaging and your valuable insights allow you to leverage your knowledge to help teach your customer something new.

Provide them with a new way of thinking or re-frame their current problems. This will help you to become a trusted authority that your customer will want to collaborate with, rather than just buy from.

With business 2 business sales your customer wants something more.

An insight or perspective they hadn’t thought of before. That makes you extremely valuable and therefore the prospect is much more likely to buy. So how do you use your knowledge of your customers to increase trust and loyalty? One of the quickest ways is video, but avoid the cliche which becomes ‘trance

Example you walk into a shop, and they say - ‘Hi, do you need any help?

And you say ’No just looking thanks’

Do this in your video and they just keep scrolling. A great way to leverage pain points is to present your solution and provide evidence that the solution is relevant. This can be executed beautifully through video testimonials. Be sure to structure your questions in a way that encourages your customer to talk about their initial challenges, the impact of those challenges, and how you helped overcome them and the value of that service or product.

This will be the difference between a powerful video testimonial and your client just reading a Google review.

Need some powerful video testimonials for your business? Get in touch with us, we'd love to help