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The Person Behind The Business

We buy from those we know, like and trust

Posted: 21 June 2023

Video is a fantastic way to reach your potential clients because it shows them the person behind the business - you. People connect with people.

So how do you show people who you are?

Sharing your company culture helps to make your brand more human and more alive. Offer a slice of life with employee interviews, things that happen from day to day, that make you laugh or would surprise / interest people outside of this environment, open the door to show ‘behind the scenes’ action.

Show your human fabric through your personality and work with HR to attract the best job candidates.

The cutting edge in your business is you.

There are many great ways to present ‘yourself’ - how about your version of a TED talk.

Offer an in-depth product review - the audience already trusts you so you are actually doing them a favour by reviewing products.

Ask a satisfied customer some questions in order to gather a powerful, persuasive
testimonial. Customers interact online not only with each other but also with brands, they expect to see video on social media - if they don’t find it, they move onto a competitors site.

Focus on what solution you provide, rather than the actual product - customers don’t want 10mm drill bits; they want 10mm holes.

Remember, once you have captured the attention of your potential clients always offer a call to action. They have been entertained, informed and maybe even inspired.